What is A Numbers Game?

A Numbers Game is a competitive card based dating sim where you and another person play as petty, image obsessed young adults who want a more socially desirable date than the other person so they can feel superior.

When you’re an image obsessed young adult who wants a better date than the other person, dating is just A Numbers Game. Play against your friend in a competitive card based dating sim - Are you in?

Playing A Numbers Game

Start Dating

Dating counts as one action. Start your dating turn by pulling a profile card. Once you've revealed your potential date, you must roll a 2-6 in order to reveal their occupation and continue dating. If you roll a 1, move them to the dump pool.

Woo! Looks like the first date went well.



Once you've got someone in your dating pool, you can use your next turns to take them on a date. Rolling a 2-5 lets you reveal one of their next traits, either Hobby (if their previous card was Occupation), and Personality (if the previous card was their Hobby). Rolling a 6 allows you to reveal both cards at once.

Reveal Hobby

Reveal Personality

Roll 6, reveal Hobby & Personality


So you've dated around, and it looks like Dakota is just not cutting it. It's so dang easy to just move them from your Dating Pool to your Dump Pool... so... bye Dakota.

Situation Cards

If you're dating and you roll a 1, your opponent reads one of the situation cards out to you. The card will usually end with an ultimatum or an action. Here, it looks like you've got to dump your date. Better luck next time!


You're so happy dating Momiji. Unfortunately, your opponent can try to steal them for just 2 action points. If they roll a 6, Momiji is theirs, and you can't do anything about it.

Becoming Exclusive

If you're ready to become exclusive, dump everyone in your dating pool and reveal your final date's Quirk. No roll required, just 3 action points. Also, looks like Momiji "Has great butt." Go you.